Research and development :

Our research and development team is very experienced in structural engineering and numerical methods in general. We concentrate our developments within the area of the application of the boundary element methods in practical structural analysis. We can help you or work with you in one or more of the following areas:

1. Preparing special desirable feature inside the PLPAK.
2. Offering ways to link your developed software tools to the PLPAK.
3. Offering advices and recommendations to any current boundary element research.
4. Joining your research group as partner or as consultant.
5. Preparing special reports for any research problem.
6. Helping you to embed your research inside the PLPAK.

For more information, visit our Research Group website : CUFEBE
or contact Prof. Youssef F. Rashed at

Consulting services :

Prof. Youssef F. Rashed offers consulting services in structural engineering. His group can also carry out the structural analysis of your building, foundation, bridge, or any structural system using any numerical method; including finite elements or boundary elements. We consider all types of loading; including static and dynamic loadings. We could perform the design calculations according to any desirable building codes. The consultation group is interested in huge nonlinear soil-structure interaction problems. Also, we have our computer tools to carry out strong value engineering for any projects.

All consultation services are offered by Prof. Youssef F. Rashed. For more information, contact him at

Courses and seminars :

Our team can organize courses and seminars regarding:

1. The usage of PLPAK and its practical applications.
2. The boundary element methods.
3. Computer modeling of structures (static and dynamic).
4. Analysis and design including SSI.
5. Methods of optimization and value engineering.
6. Optimum design of post-tensioned slabs.

Currently we are setting up our platform for online courses (coming soon).

For more information, contact us at

Lecture Series on BEM (Theory and Engineering Applications):

Buying multi-licenses :

We offer special deals for academic institutions (universities, research groups, etc.) or industrial establishments who are interested in buying multi-licenses for any of our software.

For more information, contact Prof. Youssef F. Rashed at